Common Asphalt Problems and How to Fix Them

A person using a rake to cover a hole in the road with new asphalt for an asphalt repair in El Paso.

Asphalt is one of the best and most durable materials for an El Paso road, driveway, or parking lot. It holds up well under the elements, can support a ton of weight and pressure, and looks great in the process! However, while asphalt is a premium material, it’s not invincible and can be prone to […]

Why Summer Is A Great Time For Asphalt Paving in El Paso

A recently-paved parking lot with yellow paint in El Paso

As El Paso sits in the heat of summer with consistent 100-degree weather, asphalt paving contractors are hard at work across the city. Summer represents a prime time for paving asphalt, with pavers working with residential, commercial, and government customers.  If you need El Paso asphalt services but are on the fence, you should know […]

How Potholes Form and The Damage They Can Cause 

a road with many potholes after a heavy downpour

As of recently, El Paso has been breaking records with the amount of rain the city has been receiving. El Pasoans do not typically expect this much rain because, after all, we are the Sun City. The rain has definitely helped keep the temperatures down, but at the end of the day, El Paso roads […]

Spring & Your Pavement: Maintenance Tips 2021

Spring is here in El Paso, and that brings with it unique challenges for pavement. As more people get vaccinated for Covid-19, traffic volume will begin to look more like normal, which means more work for your pavement. In our March blog, we discuss maintenance tips for your pavement this spring. Fill and Seal Cracks […]

The Process of Asphalt Paving

New Asphalt Paving for local business

When looking for a business location, one of the key aspects is finding the right spot for your parking lot. Without a successful and smooth transition into your business, you might as well stop while you’re ahead. If you plan on having services that require anyone to pull up and enter your business, having the […]