Why Summer Is A Great Time For Asphalt Paving in El Paso

A recently-paved parking lot with yellow paint in El Paso

As El Paso sits in the heat of summer with consistent 100-degree weather, asphalt paving contractors are hard at work across the city. Summer represents a prime time for paving asphalt, with pavers working with residential, commercial, and government customers. 

If you need El Paso asphalt services but are on the fence, you should know that there’s no better time for it than summer. But why should you get these services now, instead of in the fall or winter? We answer these questions and more in the latest Rick’s Paving blog! 

Benefits Of Summer Asphalt Services in El Paso


Another reason that summer is a good time for customers is that it may be more cost-effective. The first reason is that there is simply more regular daylight than in the winter. This means our asphalt paving contractors can work longer each day, which translates to shorter project timelines. 

Customers should also consider that some El Paso paving contractors may not offer longer warranties for asphalt paved in the winter months. Since the quality of the asphalt may be affected by the weather, they may refuse to put it under a longer warranty. This may mean you will need asphalt services sooner and at your expense. 

Better Material Application

Asphalt paving contractors appreciate summer work because the asphalt and sealant products actually perform better during application. 

First, hot asphalt is able to maintain a good temperature for a longer amount of time, which helps with consistency. When asphalt cools past a certain point, it’s not as stable. This can lead to less consistency and stability, making installation more difficult. 

By contrast, asphalt can easily stay above the recommended minimum of 70 degrees Fahrenheit when it’s already a 100-degree day. 

The second way summer heat helps with asphalt application is better sealant drying and performance. Once the asphalt is laid, a quality sealant is applied. This latex sealant acts as a coat of protection for the asphalt, allowing materials to bond well and repelling some potential hazards. The hot weather makes the sealant dry faster, which saves time. 

The sealant will also dry faster, so the asphalt will be ready for use much quicker. 

Smaller Chance Of Poor Weather 

The last major reason that the summer is fantastic for asphalt paving is that poor weather is less likely. Inclement weather like rain or hail can affect the asphalt and produce a poor bond within the material. Over the long term, this translates to asphalt that breaks down quickly and is more susceptible to stresses. 

During the summer, this likely won’t be an issue much. El Paso is called the Sun City for a reason, and the many consecutive sunny days are great for quality asphalt paving work. 

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