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Our Story Begins With an Ugly Parking Lot in Need of Rescue

After taking on his first project, founder Rick Cavazos realized that he was naturally inclined to beautify storefronts and lots. He started with one piece of equipment, slowly grew his team, and acquired the best and top-of-the-line tools and equipment to complete the job. From there, Cavazos started doing parking lot striping, progressed to sealcoating, and evolved to paving, and now specializes in large commercial paving and sealcoating.

Today, Ricks Paving and Sealing is able to handle up to 200,000 square foot warehouses and truck yards. We like to think of ourselves as store beautification experts because we can turn an ugly and cracked lot into an asphalt oasis. 

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Our Vision and Mission

It’s our daily mission to provide all of El Paso with the most efficient and effective commercial paving and sealcoating services and to have the best equipment, process, and unmatched experience in all things asphalt-related. 

Ricks Paving and Sealing specialize in asphalt paving, sealcoating, and repairs for parking lots, warehouses, and other commercial spaces in local areas. Our goal is to serve every job with the same dedication and attention to detail so it provides you with unmatched service and long-lasting results.

Who Makes Up the Ricks Paving and Sealing Team?

Starting as a family-owned business, we are a small but growing team of experts and two generations of workers who love sharing this experience with each other. Every team member is carefully trained on all equipment and process and is proud of their hard work. Any parking lot job we do requires a lot of teamwork, and we foster that in our everyday environment.

What Makes Our Paving Services Team Different?

Ricks Paving and Sealing stands out because our focus is all about quality, efficiency, and results. In order to achieve this, we put great emphasis on our team members, their family-oriented training and knowledge, and the tools we use. Just some of the equipment we use in our paving and repairs include Leeboy 8520 pavers and dynapac rollers that provide smooth and finished pavements for every client’s needs. With our top-of-the-line equipment and extensive skillset elevate us above anyone else here in the Sun City, we are prepared for any job, from modern striping carts to airless machines!

Why Choose Ricks Paving and Sealing?

With more than a decade of experience, we are trained professionals with extensive experience under our belt. Our goal is to reach perfection in every job, and why we use all the necessary tools to get the job done right. Most of all, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the finished product.

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