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Asphalt Paving and Repair

Rick’s Paving and Sealing specializes in paving for commercial spaces. Whether you need a brand new parking lot or the removal and replacement of asphalt, we’ve got the tools, experience, and highly-qualified team ready to get to work! We can work small spaces—like storefront parking lots— to large commercial lots, warehouses, or truck yards. Our work also includes stairwells, staircases, stoops, sidewalks, curbs, and more. Thanks to our high-grade equipment including sweepers, crack fill machines, and tanks, we can get the job done quickly, effectively, and with long-lasting results.

Proper Asphalt Process & Installation

Here at Rick’s Paving and Sealing, we ensure that installation is done properly from the bottom up. Installing a new parking lot or pavement requires multiple steps.

First, we have to remove the existing surface. This includes breaking and removing any old and damaged asphalt.
The second step is the subbase preparation. The subbase is the most important part of any asphalt surface, as it provides stable support for the asphalt. Without this stability underneath, the asphalt is more prone to cracking and damage from moisture and weather. The subbase must be fully compacted or it will become more susceptible to damage and affect the durability of the asphalt base above.
The third step is the asphalt installation. Asphalt or concrete is installed over the newly compacted gravel base. This is done with a paving machine that ensures the even and consistent laying of the pavement. It is then rolled out and compacted so that it is even.

Removal and Replacement of Asphalt

Does your lot have some alligator cracking? If asphalt has been left without maintenance and has been exposed to high-vehicle traffic, foot traffic, and the elements, it might be beyond repair. If this is the case, you might be in need of a full removal and replacement of your asphalt. First, we will demolish and pulverize your old asphalt. Many times we will recycle and use the old asphalt for the new foundational base.

Why Choose Rick’s Paving and Sealing for Your Asphalt Paving?

Not only do we have the best-trained workers and the most modern and high-tech equipment, but we also have years of experience under our belt. We focus on getting the job done right, fast, and with the best results for your property!

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If you need asphalt repair or paving, give Rick’s Paving and Sealing a call today. You can reach us at 915-204-4378 or stop by our office located on 14364 Rudi Kuefner Dr Horizon City, TX 79928.