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  • The best paving company in El Paso
  • Work with the city’s top paving contractor
  • We have highly-reviewed pavement restoration services
  • Rick’s Paving and Sealing is a local company serving the entire Borderland
  • Receive quality parking lot striping and layout services
  • Trust the experts for road repair and restoration
  • Looking for pavement repair? We offer sealcoating and crack filling
  • We do commercial work for your storefront and parking lot
  • Pavement restoration done quickly and effectively

We’ve been paving and sealcoating top-quality parking lots since 2007. As a locally owned and operated paving contractor, we understand the necessity of a well-cared for parking lot. After all, it might be the first thing a customer encounters when they arrive at your place of business. You want a professional, clean, and well-cared for parking lot to represent you, your business, and your brand.

We are the best-trained pavement professionals and use superior equipment. Some even call us ‘the store beautification experts.’

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About Our Top Services

We’ve been in the business now for more than a decade. In that time, we have refined and improved our capabilities. We specialize in commercial paving for storefronts, parking lots, shopping centers, warehouses, hotels, apartment complexes, and more. This includes full parking lot installation, repair and replacement, sealcoating, and more. We also service ADA ramps and striping to help your establishment remain ADA compliant.

Today, we stripe about 300 parking lots a year and perform about 800 tons of pavement a month. We are growing every day, working to provide El Paso with quality paving.

Our Values

Here at Rick’s Paving and Sealing, we take what we do very seriously. We use top-of-the-line equipment and employ highly-trained workers to ensure that your parking lot is built to last and done effectively and efficiently.

Most people don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about parking lots. Yet, we use them every day, all the time, essentially everywhere we go. Your car is probably parked on one right now. We rely on them when we stop at a store, a business, or really any establishment, and will certainly notice when it is cracking, full of potholes, or in bad condition.

As a paving contractor, we uphold the values of integrity, competence, and perfection. We apply these in every job we perform.

How Our Services Can Help Your Business

Your parking lot is your business’ first statement. And it says a lot about you. We work with large spaces including warehouses, parking lots, and more. Our team is experienced in a variety of paving-related services for commercial properties and offer quality service and quick completion times. Whether you are looking to get a new parking lot paved, need restoration, seal coating, or could use help with your road, sidewalk, or curbs, call the local pros.

If you’re a store owner or business owner with a commercial property in need of paving or sealing, visit our services page or FAQs page for more information.

Our Clients

Where Can You Find Us?

Rick’s Paving and Sealing is located at 14364 Rudi Kuefner DrHorizon City, TX 79928.

Contact Us For All of Your Paving Needs

We are El Paso’s trusted paving contractor. From hotel parking lots to storefront parking lots, Rick’s Paving and Sealing is ready to transform your lot! Whether you need parking lot striping, sealcoating, or paving, we are the experts ready to serve you. Call us 915-204-4378 or stop by our office!

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