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Got Cracks? Asphalt Sealcoating is the Answer

Investing in a pavement parking lot, driveway, warehouse floor, etc., is a significant decision for any business owner or company. Nobody wants potholes or cracks in their property, which is why sealcoating protects that investment, as it extends the life of the initial investment by slowing down oxidation and sealing cracks and damage.

Sealcoating is essential in preserving and extending the life of the pavement. As a high-quality paving contractor, Ricks Paving and Sealing uses only top-of-the-line sealcoating and premium products to ensure the best result possible on your lot. 

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The Benefits of Sealcoating

There are several benefits to applying sealcoat to your asphalt surfaces on a regular basis. Due to UV rays and sunlight, asphalt paving in El Paso will be prone to natural deterioration. So first, sealcoating will provide a protective layer that slows down this oxidation and helps preserve it.  The key, of course, is to sealcoat before the oxidation advances and its effects can no longer be reversed. Secondly, sealcoating will help restore the look of your asphalt pavement, showing a well-cared-for and shiny lot. 

We use only premium sealers such as Neyra, which is a mineral-filled asphalt emulsion pavement sealer designed for the job.

The Sealcoating Process in El Paso

The process and timelines will largely depend on the surface area we are working with, with examples such as a 30,000-square-foot area taking a day or two to complete

Sealcoating has several stages:

  • Cleaning. We begin by marking and blocking off the area and thoroughly cleaning it. Polishing the pavement is crucial, as it removes debris, dust, and dirt that might prevent the sealant from doing its job correctly. We perform this thorough cleaning with various tools, including power brooms, blowers, and power washers. 
  • Filling Cracks. Once the pavement has been properly cleaned, we can start the sealcoating. We carefully examine the entire surface area, fill in any cracks with special crack fillers, and repair any other holes, damage, or issues. 
  • Sealing. Then, we apply a coat of commercial-grade sealer. We only use Neyra, the best, high-quality sealcoating option around. We also have a sealcoat tank that allows for even coating. Once this is done, we are ready to repaint and open back up to traffic. Usually, the drying process will take about 24 to 48 hours. 

We want each step to be completed thoroughly for effective and long-lasting results. We start by sending a crew to clean and prep, then another to do the sealcoating and detailing, then a final crew to do the parking lot striping. Each one of our teams is highly trained, specialized, and is there to ensure a job well done.

How Long Does Sealcoat Last?

It depends on the age and condition of the asphalt. If you wait long enough to where several years have passed and oxidation has advanced, sealcoating might not last as long or have the same effect. Sealcoating in El Paso should ideally be done about two years after your initial asphalt paving has been installed. If this initial care is taken, a sealcoat can be done every four years.

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