The Process of Asphalt Paving

New Asphalt Paving for local business

When looking for a business location, one of the key aspects is finding the right spot for your parking lot. Without a successful and smooth transition into your business, you might as well stop while you’re ahead. If you plan on having services that require anyone to pull up and enter your business, having the right amount of space is crucial. The process of asphalt paving can get tricky if the right amount of space isn’t allocated correctly.

First Steps Of Asphalt Paving 

When preparing to install a new parking lot with asphalt paving, we take essential steps from empty lots made of dirt to cracked and dry asphalt that needs a full-on replacement.  

Condition Of Your Lot

We first look at the condition of the lot you want worked on or created. The existing surface will more than likely get demolished and removed. Many old and unkempt lots that have sat over the years in our southwest sun will look like alligator skin. It could also end up this way from heavy vehicle traffic and the lack of proper maintenance. We often see this when a building has shifted businesses or owners over a short period of time. If we don’t remove the current foundation, there’s a high possibility that the lot will collapse or cave in and cause an immense amount of problems in the future. Moisture and rain can lead to puddling, making it more prone to cracking and damage. 

Starting Work 

Once we have removed the base foundation, we work on the subbase preparation. This will provide a strong base of support for the asphalt. It also seals it to make it more durable. Once the subbase has settled in, we can begin on the asphalt installation. We use some of the best paving machines available today for this process. It provides an even and compact roll along the entire lot, ensuring consistent laying of the pavement. Once this asphalt has settled in properly, we can begin our ADA compliance lines for your lot. 

Let Ricks Paving Start Your Asphalt Paving

We know the importance of preparing a location for a parking lot. Here at Rick’s Paving, we will help you with this process from the ground up. With years of experience, we’ve seen every type of land and location to know what to do in every situation. We work hard to get the job done in the quickest and most efficient way. Contact us today for more information on how we can fix your lot!