How Potholes Form and The Damage They Can Cause 

a road with many potholes after a heavy downpour

As of recently, El Paso has been breaking records with the amount of rain the city has been receiving. El Pasoans do not typically expect this much rain because, after all, we are the Sun City. The rain has definitely helped keep the temperatures down, but at the end of the day, El Paso roads are not made to withstand so much water. Because of all the rainfall, potholes have been coming up left and right. But what is it about the water that creates these holes? What kinds of damage can they do? The experts at Rick’s Paving and Sealing have the answers you’re looking for. 

How Potholes are Made

The sole source of potholes is water. The pavement or asphalt, if not designed to withstand rain, will absorb the water and the water will weaken the material, leaving it susceptible to cracks and other kinds of damage. As the asphalt makes contact with vehicles, the surface breaks down more and more. Eventually, the asphalt loosens and is easily displaced and that’s when actual breaks and chips of the asphalt can begin.

Potholes are easily formed in colder climates because cold water will cause the asphalt to expand and break just as so. The only way that these potholes can be fixed is by sealing them with a layer of asphalt, completely covering the entire hole. 

Damage Caused by Potholes 

Potholes, big and small, can wreak all levels of damage. Oftentimes, potholes will puncture a tire or “blow out” a tire. This means the tire cannot be easily repaired and will need to be replaced. It doesn’t have to be just one tire, either. In some cases, a pothole will damage the two tires on the same side of the vehicle that it came into contact with. 

Other times, potholes can knock a vehicle out of alignment. Although it may be difficult to deal with these problems at the moment, they can be tended to the minute you seek assistance for your vehicle. 

In Need of Road Maintenance? Choose Rick’s Paving and Sealing! 

If your parking lot has any kind of damage, the professionals at Rick’s Paving and Sealing would be more than happy to help! Don’t let the potholes grow on your pavement, contact us for maintenance.