Spring & Your Pavement: Maintenance Tips 2021

Spring is here in El Paso, and that brings with it unique challenges for pavement. As more people get vaccinated for Covid-19, traffic volume will begin to look more like normal, which means more work for your pavement.

In our March blog, we discuss maintenance tips for your pavement this spring.

Fill and Seal Cracks Now

If you have cracks in your pavement, then now is the best time to get those cracks taken care of. Why? Major temperature changes can cause your pavement to react, which can exacerbate cracks and turn them into potholes. Obviously, this can pose a risk to drivers and pedestrians, not to mention the increased costs of repair.

When you notice a crack, don’t wait; be sure to get a professional team to repair cracks before they grow and become more damaging.

Get Those Pesky Stains Removed

As more and more traffic appears on your pavement, it’s inevitable that stains appear. For aesthetic reasons, stains are obviously not ideal. But you may not know that those stains can actually turn into cracks if they are left unattended. Especially with the El Paso heat returning, those stains can quickly turn into cracks, messing up your pavement’s look in the process.

Consider Sealcoating

If you aren’t using it already, sealcoating is a technology that you should seriously look into. Sealcoating is a type of protective coat that is overlaid onto your pavement and defends against wear and tear from the environment and vehicles. By sealcoating your pavement at the beginning of the spring, you put your pavement in the best position to thrive in the future.

Repair Parking Lot Lines

Over the fall and winter, it is likely that some of your lines have faded or even disappeared over time. As spring rolls around, this fading may accelerate. However, if you get your lines repaired or touched up at the start of spring, they can look vibrant through the spring and summer months.

Clean Your Edging

One of the biggest issues that paving will come into is the issue of edging. Weeds, grass, and other life is always looking to bust through the pavement, and the weakest link is normally the edges. By getting your edges touched up, your pavement can look more crisp and uniform.

Schedule Maintenance With Rick’s Paving!

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