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ADA Compliance Parking Lot Spaces

Every parking lot has rules and regulations. Every business must follow specific guidelines to better serve the general public and not any discriminate against customers. ADA compliance has very specific guidelines that every parking lot must follow, no matter what the size or type of parking lot you may own. The types of line stripes [...]

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Is My Small Business Parking Lot Under ADA Compliance?

When looking to restripe your parking lot, there’s a lot to consider and make sure that your bases are covered for ADA compliance. You must provide accessible parking spaces as required from the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. If you’re a business or a privately owned facility that offers any goods or services to the [...]

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A Brief History of ADA and Why Handicap Spaces are Important for Your Business

Every day there is an inspirational story of someone who overcomes incredible obstacles to do something that most of us could only imagine. Throughout history, there have always been people that surpassed their physical or mental disabilities to become great, make a difference, and bring joy to people’s lives. Whether it is the incredible mind [...]

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