ADA Compliance Parking Lot Spaces

ADA compliance parking spot

Every parking lot has rules and regulations. Every business must follow specific guidelines to better serve the general public and not any discriminate against customers. ADA compliance has very specific guidelines that every parking lot must follow, no matter what the size or type of parking lot you may own. The types of line stripes you have in your lot is a vital part that must be marked appropriately and maintained at all times. We have a refresher on the ADA compliance so you can keep better track if your parking lot is up to par. 

ADA Compliance 101

Every parking must have a certain number of accessible parking spaces depending on the size and number of other parking spaces it has for cars, trucks, and vans. Not only does every parking lot have to contain accessible parking spaces, but it should also have a certain number of accessible van parking spaces. The equation is pretty simple to follow and easy to remember. 

For every 25 regular parking spaces, you must have 1 accessible parking spot. For every 100 parking spaces, you must have 1 van-accessible parking spot. Now, these are the minimum amount of accessible parking spaces every business is required to have, so you could double up and make it more convenient for your customers if you wish. 

Also, note that parking spaces for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, outpatient physical therapy facilities, or residential facilities have different requirements for accessibility spots. 

Location of Compliance Spots

The location of your accessibility spots also plays an important role. They must be placed on the shortest accessible route to an accessible facility entrance. If there are multiple accessible entrances, then the accessible parking spaces should be dispersed and set near them. There should also be an accessible route that never has curbs, stairs and at least 3 feet wide with a firm, stable, and slip-resistant surface. The slope for the route should not be any greater than 1:12 in the traveling direction. 

A van-accessible spot needs a specific spacing of a 132” minimum compared to regular vehicles’ average 96” minimum. 

Rick’s Paving Will Make Your Lot Meet ADA Compliance 

If you need your parking lot to be repaved and restriped, give us a call. We can also take a look at your new parking lot and help you have the proper accessibility spots. No matter your parking lot needs, we can cover it all. Give us a call today to learn more!