What Happens If Your El Paso Parking Lot Isn’t ADA Compliant

Handicapped Parking Spaces

Knowing about the federal requirements regarding ADA-compliant parking lots is important for preventing fines and potential lawsuits and losses. Whether you are living in El Paso, Texas or any other state, ADA compliance is a necessary requirement for commercial buildings. This includes public accommodations, warehouses, factories, office buildings, and commercial buildings, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, sporting venues, entertainment venues, etc. 

If you want to make sure your enterprise in El Paso is ADA compliant, we at Rick’s Paving can help provide ADA compliant Parking lot Striping and ADA ramps. This will help make sure your parking lot looks good, is compliant, and is welcoming for all customers. 

The Importance of ADA-Compliant Parking lot Striping in El Paso 

Parking spots that are easily accessible are important for ensuring people with disabilities can enter any business’s premises without any inconveniences. ADA compliance is vital for grocery shopping, schools, entertainment, and many more. Making parking lots easily accessible for everyone requires different approaches, and there is no one size fits all solution. 

As a matter of fact, accessible parking areas usually have parking designated for a variety of vehicle types. In addition, the Americans with Disabilities Act highlights certain public parking lot standards that everyone must follow. 

What are the Consequences of Not Having ADA Compliant Parking

ADA compliance is a matter that everyone must take seriously. Not doing so can result in fines as high as $150,000. Besides these incredibly massive fines, not complying with ADA standards could also result in expensive litigation. 

Title 3 doesn’t require any dialog or warning with businesses for triggering a violation. This means that ADA lawsuits can ambush municipalities and business owners at any time. These cases are often filed by people driving and walking by a building and spotting a parking lot that doesn’t comply with ADA’s standards. 

Anyone from the public can bring forth such lawsuits. This even includes individuals who are not the non-compliant enterprise’s patrons. 

How to Ensure ADA Compliance in El Paso, Texas

As mentioned abundantly, any business with a parking lot must keep up with the parking lot regulations and rules proposed by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Every parking space must have proper spaces and lines to ensure they can be easily accessed by disabled individuals. 

If you run a business and your parking lot is striped properly, it will please your staff and customers and be compliant with the law. Those who are planning to get their shop painted must consider their parking lot too. Using fresh paint can go a long way in helping people and improving your parking space’s overall appeal. 

Final Thoughts

ADA-compliant parking lot striping is vital for the safety of your customers and for preventing hefty fines and lawsuits. This is where we at Rick’s Paving can help you out. Our professionals have worked with massive spaces, which include parking lots, warehouses, and many more. What’s more, our team has experience in offering professional paving services for commercial and private properties.

So, no matter which industry you are from, you can contact us for parking lot striping, restoration, paving, and seal coating. We can also help you with curbs, sidewalks, and the road, providing maximum convenience and comfort to you, your customers, and your staff.