Why Spring Is the Best Time to Repair Your Asphalt

A steamroller flattening asphalt in El Paso.

After a long winter, it’s time to assess the damage that fluctuating temperatures can cause to your commercial business’ asphalt. Common issues like cracking or potholes are not only an eyesore but can drive away potential customers and lead to larger damages. A spring asphalt paving in El Paso can quickly resolve issues from winter damage to curb appeal to preventive measures for hotter and colder seasons.

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Repair Winter Damage

While the winter season in El Paso doesn’t bring a ton of snow, temperamental weather can cause issues for your commercial business’ roads and parking lots. A combination of fluctuating temperatures, asphalt traffic, and weather conditions leads to cracking in the asphalt. Not only is it an unsightly view for potential customers, but cracking can contribute to larger issues down the road, such as an accumulation of potholes, depressions, and uneven surfaces. Repairing your business’ asphalt when the problem is still manageable can save you from having to replace the asphalt entirely.

Curing Conditions

For a long-lasting repair, the asphalt mixture should be able to remain at 175 degrees for a professional contractor to properly spread and apply it. Similarly, if it’s colder, then the asphalt won’t be able to bond strongly, leaving you with the same problems you’re trying to fix. So, how do you create the ideal environment for asphalt to bond? You wait for the spring.

Due to the drastic changes in temperatures from season to season, asphalt has the tendency to expand and contract. When this happens, existing cracks will also expand. Spring is an ideal time of year to take care of asphalt paving in El Paso because the temperature and weather conditions are typically mild and consistent. Not too hot, not too cold!

Improve Curb Appeal

While the condition of your parking lot’s asphalt may not seem like a big deal, no one likes having to drive through obstacles to get their errands done. That’s what driving through a damaged lot feels like for customers having to weave through uneven surfaces, large cracks, and potholes.

Asphalt paving will not only greatly improve the curb appeal of your business, but it’s an easy way to improve a customer’s experience at your business. So leave your customers with a long-lasting impression that you care!

Protect Against the Summer Heat

While asphalt paving is also recommended in the summers, taking care of any repairs ahead of time can work as a preventative against the harsh summer months. Extreme heat and UV rays cause the pavement to deteriorate, leaving you with loose gravel, potholes, and raveling. Applying a sealcoat to your asphalt in the spring will give your pavement the strength it needs to fight against the heat.

Prolong the Lifespan of Your Asphalt

By addressing issues to your pavement while they’re small, you are actively working towards prolonging the lifespan of your El Paso asphalt. Whether you’re repairing alligator cracks or applying a new sealcoat to the surface of your lot, springtime repairs have more time to cure—making them durable and stronger for the colder months.

We Can Help Cross Another Item Off Your Spring Cleaning List!

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