Repave Or Reseal For The New Year?

freshly sealcoat asphalt pavement

As this year comes to an end, and you start looking forward to a new year filled with new plans, how’s your asphalt and pavement looking? In our last blog, we talked about how holiday traffic can really affect the ground. Now that the smoke has cleared and things begin to settle in a bit more, it’s time to take a look at the damage. We hope it’s still in pristine shape; however, things do happen. It’s getting time to decide if you need to repave or possibly reseal your asphalt from small to large cracks and holes. 

Choosing to Sealcoat 

Some obvious signs of needed seal coating come down to inspecting the ground. Look for discoloration or even some fading and minor cracks building up. Sealcoating adds UV and weather protection. Which after a few years and intense weather can really take its toll on the asphalt. The primary purpose of sealcoating is to protect the asphalt from chemicals and environmental elements. We average that sealcoating should occur about every two years. So, if you’re well above that mark, then we recommend it. However, if you sealcoat too soon, you may have to deal with cracking, flaking, and peeling if it builds up. So, talk to a professional at Rick’s Paving to properly assess your asphalt before you jump the gun. 

When To Repave 

Repaving involves complete removal of the old pavement and replacing it. This includes the foundation and the upper laters of the asphalt. If you see some significant damage such as huge cracks or heavily broken areas, then maybe a sealcoating can fix it. However, you won’t fix the large and prominent cracks with just sealcoating materials. Trying to sealcoat a surface multiple times, then it’s definitely time to repave. If you see alligator cracks, then that may lead to you needing a new asphalt altogether. Alligator cracks could also occur after years or sealcoating too often over the years. Repaving can seem like a final option, but it can save your surface and help you avoid constant repairs.  

Rick’s Paving Will Help You

If you’re unsure on which route to take when it comes to repaving or sealcoating, give us a call. We can look over your surface and determine the best solution to keep your asphalt in the best condition possible. Let us know if you’re looking for repaving, sealcoating, or resurfacing this new year!