Holiday Traffic And Your Pavement

Holiday traffic in a packed parking lot

The holiday season turns into a crazy mess for everyone, no matter what industry you’re involved with. We’re all out and about more than ever this time of year, and it’s hard to find some downtime between everything. Rushing from store to store can take a toll on all of us. Aside from the long hours for business owners, there’s also wear and tear out parking lots go through. If you haven’t had the chance to examine and get your lot repaved before the season hits, there are some things to consider. An increase in traffic means more weight and use of your lot. 

Heavy Holiday Traffic 

We last discussed three of the most significant signs that your lot needs new pavement in our previous blog. What about what causes these alligator cracks, and what makes them worse? Well, an increase in heavy traffic like large trucks or a more consistent amount of vehicles driving through your parking lot can also have its consequences. 

Contact Pressure

The amount of tire pressure can play a large role in the vehicle’s contact pressure on the pavement. An increase in wheel loads along with tire inflation pressures can cause pavement fatigue. The amount of traffic coming through means the various amount of vehicle pressure on your lot. Lower pressure can extend the life, but high-pressure heavy vehicles pressure down harder onto the ground. 


As they should do in a parking lot, the slower people drive can affect the pavement as well. The damage they cause on your lot by driving slower makes the vehicle’s weight last longer and push down more intensely. This can heavily affect your lot, especially in already weak spots. 


The holiday season also means colder and wetter weather than usual. Water that settles on the asphalt can cause cracks over time. When it sinks into the already formed cracks, it can affect the base layer even more. The traffic sitting in your lot while customers shop can also increase the oil sitting in parking spaces. If the oil sits too long, then it can become more difficult to remove, forcing you to repair the spots eventually. 

Ricks Pavement This Holiday Season

While there’s still time, Rick’s Pavement can still take a look at your lot to help prepare for the crazy days ahead. If not, then take an evaluation of your lot and inspect the cracks and areas you know will have more traffic. This can help you monitor and prepare for post-holidays to schedule a repaving or small repairs. Give us a call for any questions or concerns you have on your lot this holiday season.