3 Signs That You Need New Pavement 

before and after new pavement in a parking lot

New Pavement Or Repair?

Taking a step outside and seeing cracks, holes, or even puddles in your asphalt should give you a million red flags. Cracks are not okay in your asphalt due to the amount of damage that can happen if left untreated. So, do you just fix the cracks that you have, or do you invest and fix up your entire driveway or parking lot? It all depends on the amount of damage that’s already done. Aside from the damage that puddles can do to your parking lot, there are a few signs to look for when thinking of getting new pavement. 


Asphalt gets created by combining binder and aggregate. Wear and tear on your asphalt will cause the aggregate to come loose from the binder over time. You can notice by seeing loose pieces of gravel along the ground and see the area begin to pit. This can get treated right away, fortunately. However, this process may start out small, but larger chucks may start breaking off if not treated soon. 

Alligator Cracks 

Just like what the name implies, alligator cracks on the pavement reference to the pattern on an alligator’s back. If your driveway looks like it has overlapping cracks, they can begin to divide your pavement. This could also be a sign that the subbase of your pavement is falling apart and is no longer supportive. This definitely means that it’s time to replace your driveway. If your subbase loses its supportive ability, then your entire upper layer can slowly start to break apart. 

Longitude And Transverse Cracking 

If you notice lines running up and down or side to side on your asphalt, this can get fixed. Typically a quick repaving or filling will take care of these cracks. However, if this gets out of hand and you see a series of multiple cracks, that’s a bigger issue. These can turn into alligator cracks or begin crumbling that cause more problems. If you see a series of cracks like these, then it might mean water has gotten in through multiple areas. 

Ricks Paving Can Supply New Pavement 

Ricks Paving can help you decide if you need a new lot or just some minor fixes. The more attention you pay to your asphalt, the easier it will be to catch these signs early on. We have our staff ready for any type of asphalt repair. For any questions or concerns, give us a call to see what we can do for you!