A Step-by-Step Look at El Paso Asphalt Installation

Before and after images of Rick’s Paving performing asphalt installation services for a restaurant’s driveway.

Asphalt installation in El Paso is necessary for commercial properties of all sizes. Before hiring someone to take care of your asphalt services, it’s in your best interest to understand what goes into this process. This way, you’ll know exactly what to look out for in regard to quality.

Rick’s Paving has been providing the best asphalt installation and maintenance services in El Paso for years. As such, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to highlight the process of asphalt installation.

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Step 1) Removal of the Current Asphalt Surface

The first step is the removal of the old asphalt surface. Heavy equipment and excavators, such as forklifts, bobcats, front loaders, and big dump trucks, are used to remove the old surface. This will allow us to place your new asphalt over a clean, empty canvas.

Step 2) Grading and Sloping

The surface is then prepared using the most current grading and sloping methods and techniques to guarantee that water drains effectively away from your property. If this process isn’t done or it’s done incorrectly, then water will collect, causing cracks, cracking, and potholes over time. The ground will be graded with the use of automatic motor graders and transits directed by lasers to provide the right gradient for water run-off.

Step 3) Preparation of The Base

Most people think that the most important part of asphalt pavement is the asphalt itself. This is wrong. Asphalt requires a sub-base to support the new pavement and installation. With it, your asphalt can last for years. The base also acts as a protection and barrier that fights the freezing and thawing temperature! 

The sub-base is laid, then graded, and then compacted to provide the accurate thickness and stability that preserves your asphalt installation and makes it last for years to come.

Step 4) Repair and Proof Roll

A proof roll is utilized to assess whether your sub-base is ready to sustain fresh asphalt because the evidence is in the roll. To inspect any flexing gravel or soft patches brought on by the weight, a quad-axle dump truck weighing 72,000 pounds will drive over the area.

If any weak points are found, they are repaired by undercutting, which involves excavating two to three inches below the surface. The bottom clay or soft soil is strengthened and supported by adding aggregate material!

Step 5) Laying the Binder Layer

The new asphalt will be securely anchored by a binder layer, enhancing its tensile strength. Massive aggregate combined with oil gives this layer its strength and durability. An appropriate combination of oil and aggregate is ensured to provide the most stable binder layer.

Step 6) Installation of the Asphalt Surface

The top layer of new surface asphalt can now be placed since it will have the supporting surfaces it needs. Surface asphalt has a smooth, sturdy texture composed of jet-black asphalt thanks to the combination of gravel, sand, and oil.

Step 7) Finalize the Process with Smooth Transitioning

Asphalt installations typically are used for pre-existing parking lots, roads, or driveways rather than existing in a vacuum. To maintain the asphalt installation’s aesthetics, grading, and water run-off, your asphalt contractor must construct seamless transitions, or “butt joints,” where old meets new.

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Proper asphalt installation offers your home or business a smooth surface and enhances your property’s curb appeal. If you are looking for the most professional asphalt installation company, contact us at (915) 204-4378 for the most skilled team in El Paso!