Your Pavement & Torrential Rains: Our Maintenance Tips

If you’ve been in El Paso for the past few weeks, you’ll know that the city has experienced uncharacteristic and torrential rains that have caused many infrastructure issues. In both religion and science alike, the power of water is not underestimated, and for good reason. Recent downpours have shut down key roads and highways and caused damage to vehicles, homes, and other property.

One piece of infrastructure that is always tested by heavy rain is pavement. But how exactly does rain affect pavement, and how could you keep your pavement in great shape despite the rain? We tackle these questions in our blog here!

How Heavy Rains Affect Your Pavement

Heavy rains and pavement do not tend to get along. The level of damage that can be caused by torrential rains can be surprising. One weakness that water attacks just by its very nature are cracks. Heavy rain can run through cracks in your pavement, widening and deepening them. Moving water can also reduce the lifespans of your parking lot lines.

Once you have cracks and unchecked potholes, the problem of water tends to compound. This is because water will sit in these blemishes and worsen them, leading to major damage that makes your pavement both unsafe and aesthetically displeasing.

Rain And New Pavement

Rain isn’t great for pavement in general, but it can be especially harmful to newly-laid pavement. This is because the pavement hasn’t had a full chance to set, meaning the rain could damage the pavement more than older, set pavement.

The best way to prevent an issue is to plan well for your pavement. Times where there will be plenty of heat with no rain are great for laying pavement and will give it time to set. Even if you have your pavement sealcoated, it will take some hours before it is fully ready to protect your pavement.

The best way to protect your existing pavement is to have it maintained regularly, especially after a significant weather event.

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