Why Spring Is A Great Time To Invest In Your Pavement

Asphalt and pavement are the backbones of ground transport, making all kinds of travel possible. It is crucial but easily forgotten, like a well-made roof or even the air we breathe every day. If everything is working properly, you should forget about it. 

Even the best pavement doesn’t last forever, though, and owners have to decide when to replace or repair their driveway, parking lot, or other space. In our experience, spring is a great time to get this done, and we’ll explore the reasons why in this brief blog! 

Ideal Temperatures

Since pavement takes time to solidify, an optimal environment can help the pavement dry and cure into the ideal shape and consistency. That makes the springtime a wonderful time for pavement since the most regular asphalt likes temperatures hovering around 70 degrees. 

Now is a great time to have your pavement installed, redone, or touched up because the climate is ideal for it. Your pavement will look great and should last a long time with proper maintenance. 

Bringing In Business

If you are a business owner, another great reason to get your parking lot done in the spring is revenue. Springtime is shopping time, but people won’t want to shop in a cracked, faded parking lot littered with potholes. Before customers even step out of their car, they are already judging your store based on the pavement. 

Before the spring shopping gets underway, make sure your business is looking great with a fresh pavement job. An attractive storefront can help drive sales inside your store as well! 

Beating The Summer Heat 

While the pavement in El Paso is made to withstand the 100+ degree weather, it still does take its toll every season. If you have old, dilapidated pavement, it will likely get much worse once summer is in full swing. Extreme temperatures on already bad pavement can exacerbate cracks, fading, potholes, and other issues. 

By getting new paving in the spring, you can beat the summer onslaught and put your driveway or parking lot in a better position to survive and thrive in the heat. 

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