Ways to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Black Friday

Every business should provide enough parking to fit the needs of its customers. A well-designed parking lot improves the curb appeal of the establishment. It also implies that there is a smart management and customer service system.

Think of creating a good parking space as branding; it’s important to gain your customers’ confidence if you are a start-up business. Branding also has an impact on your staff; making sure they have designated parking spots that are strictly for them will save them from the morning hassle of looking for a place to park every day.

Especially, when it comes to special occasions like Christmas and Black Friday, customer traffic increases immensely. This is the time when people make the most of the biggest sales. Even though it’s great for the business owners themselves, it’s important to know that due to the increase in customers, parking spots are going to run out fairly quickly. This is why it is crucial for you to plan a design for your parking space to fit enough people throughout the year and during all the crazy sales.

Ideas to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Black Friday

You can manage your parking lot space for Black Friday sales by planning well in advance.

  • Enough space is not the only thing that you should be focusing on, making sure the parking space is well-maintained and clean is also very important. Assure your customers that their vehicles are safe. While designing your parking space, create each spot a little bigger than normal. In case someone has a big car or might not be the best at parking, this can save your customers from minor accidents as well as make parking and reversing easier.
  • When there are a lot of customers at one place, people tend to shop in a hurry and leave as soon as they can which can result in trollies in the middle of the parking lot. Another crucial part of Black Friday shopping is having a spot for the customers to leave their trolleys in the lot. This will save your customers a trip back to the store as they can leave their trolley.
  • Over time, the designated parking spots fade. It’s important to repaint it whenever it may seem necessary. Make sure that there are no potholes and seal any cracks that may appear over the years. Create clearly defined crosswalks for the safety of your customers
  • Keep your parking lot well-lit during the night so customers feel comfortable and safe while walking to their cars. It’s crucial for parking lots to have designated parking spots for disabled people near the entrance door.

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