Tips For Maintaining Your Pavement In The Summer

Summertime in the Sun City is right around the corner, and that means that our pavement will be exposed to the scorching heat of this season. With 100+ degree weather on the horizon, we discuss some of the best ways to protect your pavement in this blog! 

Why Does Summer Threaten Your Pavement?

Pavement, like any other material, reacts to changes in the environment. In El Paso, the pavement has to weather some extremes. Our winters can see below-freezing temperatures while our summer temperatures can blow past 100 degrees. These temperature shifts can actually change the pavement, contracting and expanding it. 

The summer also sees an increase in traffic, which means more sustained pressure on the pavement. All in all, it can be a tough season for pavement. 

Tips For Protecting Your Pavement

Invest In Sealing Your Pavement

One of the best ways to keep your pavement safe is to invest in sealing it. Sealcoats are a wonderful technology to protect the pavement from the direct stresses it would normally encounter. With periodic coats, you can potentially extend the life of your pavement by several years. 

Repair Cracks and Holes

One of the worst things you can have in your pavement during the summer is cracks and holes. The reason for this is that cracks and holes in the pavement are prone to stresses like traffic, heat, and debris that can make them larger and more disruptive. Sometimes, a small hole can damage large areas of the pavement if left unchecked over a large period of time. 

Regularly Get Rid Of Debris 

Rocks, trash, leaves, oil, and other pieces of debris can actually do a number on your pavement. Oil especially can put stress on your pavement by heating it up even more, and can exacerbate holes and cracks if it seeps in. If you can, just regularly clear debris from your pavement so that it doesn’t make your pavement worse. 

Choose Rick’s Paving and Sealing To Maintain Your Summer Pavement! 

Don’t let this summer do a number on your pavement. Rick’s Paving and Sealing can ensure that your pavement not only survives but thrives this summer. For more information, contact us today via phone or email!