The Role of Sealcoating in Preventing Cracks and Potholes

Two people sealcoating pavement in El Paso.

In the world of paving and concrete, sealcoating plays an important role in terms of longevity, aesthetics, and durability. Sealcoating asphalt pavement is similar to the concept of adding a layer of finish or varnish to wood to protect it from the elements. 

Sealcoating can guard against damage caused by the sun, moisture, freezing temperatures, and other elements. Therefore, investing in sealcoating every two to three years can prolong and enhance the lifespan of your asphalt driveway or parking lot. If you are interested in sealcoating services in El Paso, Rick’s Paving can help. Contact us online or call 

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Keeps Water From Getting Beneath the Surface 

While El Paso doesn’t get as much rain as some coastal cities, it certainly sees its fair share. Unfortunately, rain and moisture, in general, are a leading cause of potholes and cracks in pavement. 

The moisture seeps into the asphalt and breaks it down from the inside out, resulting in potholes and cracks. However, sealcoating offers surface protection that doesn’t allow moisture to penetrate through it and into the heart of your concrete. 

Slows the Oxidation Process 

The second main way that sealcoating protects against potholes and cracks in your asphalt is by slowing the oxidation process. Oxidation happens when UV radiation from the sun attacks the binder or glue that holds asphalt together. Over time, oxidation is enough to break the binder apart, resulting in asphalt deterioration, potholes, and cracks. 

Sealcoating provides surface protection so that UV rays have a harder time attacking the binder. While sealcoating can’t completely prevent oxidation, it slows it down significantly and increases your asphalt’s lifespan. 

Guards Against Chemicals 

Try as you might, there’s a definite possibility that you will spill gasoline, diesel fluid, paint, and other chemicals on your concrete. Sealcoating in El Paso can keep these chemicals from penetrating into the asphalt and breaking it down from the inside out, resulting in potholes and cracks. 

Increases the Pavements Flexibility 

While it’s extremely hard, asphalt is actually flexible and expands and contracts slightly when vehicles drive on top of it. This keeps the asphalt from breaking down under excessive weight and pressure. Sealcoating can help asphalt retain its flexible properties and prevent the formation of stress potholes and cracks. 

Sealcoating in El Paso: Who to Call 

If you need sealcoating services in El Paso that you can rely on, you’ve come to the right place. We’re one of the top asphalt paving, repair, and sealcoating companies in the Southwest, and we can help you avoid unwanted potholes and cracks with our sealcoating services. Call (915) 204-4378 to learn more today.