The Importance of Proper Drainage in Paving Projects

A person in orange pants laying down asphalt in El Paso.

When most people see a freshly paved parking lot, sidewalk, or lane, they only think of the finished product. They typically don’t think about all the hard work and sweat that went into pouring the concrete, smoothing it out, and seal coating it. Even if they do, they typically don’t think about the more technical aspects of paving, such as proper drainage. 

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Potential Problems With Poor Drainage

Proper drainage is essential because it prevents many paving issues that can occur without it. Here’s what can happen if you don’t hire a professional El Paso paving company to lay your pavement. 


Proper drainage is important because, without it, water will pool on the pavement’s surface. This will result in water damage, which is then the cause of all other problems related to improper drainage. 


Pooling water will first cause erosion on your pavement. This will happen around the perimeter and in the center of your pavement. Perimeter erosion will result in less pavement surface area, whereas erosion elsewhere can create safety hazards for people or vehicles. 


Proper drainage is also important because it ensures proper settling. Without proper drainage, water will settle under the pavement surface. This softens the ground beneath the pavement, resulting in excess settling. This can make for uneven pavement and could lead to it getting pulled apart and corroding. 


Proper settling, erosion, and pooling cause your pavement to last less than it should. With proper maintenance and sealing, pavement can last twenty years and beyond. Without proper drainage, the lifespan of pavement is cut in half, and you’ll have many more repairs and issues than you otherwise would. As a result, the money you saved not hiring a paving company will be spent in other ways. 


With proper drainage, your pavement will last longer and look better. Erosion, crumbling, uneven concrete, and potholes are all eyesores that can significantly reduce the value and aesthetics of your pavement. 

Hire a Professional Paving Company for Your El Paso Paving Job

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