The Impact of Weather on Asphalt Paving: Best Practices for Every Season

A yellow roller rolling fresh pavement in El Paso.

Due to its durability and cost-effectiveness, asphalt is a common choice for roads, driveways, and parking lots. However, like any other surface, asphalt requires regular maintenance from a professional El Paso paving contractor to prolong its lifespan and ensure safety. 

Each season presents unique challenges for asphalt maintenance, and Rick’s Paving and Sealing can help you with your residential or commercial asphalt paving. Contact us online or call (915) 204-4378 to learn more.

Spring Maintenance

With spring comes the thawing of winter, which may reveal damage that occurred over the last few months. Inspect the ground for cracks, potholes, and other signs of damage caused by frost heave or freezing temperatures from the previous season. It’s essential to repair any cracks to prevent May’s showers from seeping into the subbase, which can lead to further deterioration. Use a broom to remove debris, such as leaves, branches, and gravel. You may want to apply a seal coat during the spring so it has enough time to cure before the hotter summer months.

Summer Maintenance

With summer comes high heat and increased foot and vehicle traffic, which can accelerate wear and tear on asphalt surfaces. A paving contractor in El Paso may recommend regular asphalt cleaning by sweeping or power washing any oil or grease stains that can weaken the surface. Similarly, high temperatures can cause the asphalt to expand, leading to cracks. For commercial businesses with parking lots, UV rays can cause parking lot markings or directional lines to fade, so it’s important to retouch these to enhance visibility and safety.

Fall Maintenance

Many paving contractors recommend fall as the ideal time to prepare asphalt for the colder months and address any damage accumulated during warmer months. With the right paving services, contractors may offer leaf removal to keep the asphalt clear. They can inspect the surface for new cracks or potholes and promptly repair them to prevent water and ice infiltration. A fresh coat of sealant may be recommended to protect against moisture, freezing temperatures, and ice-melt chemicals. Finally, ensuring your home’s drainage systems are clear and functioning can help prevent water from pooling.

Winter Maintenace

While maintenance services may be limited once snow is on the ground, keeping the asphalt free of snow as soon as possible is important. Use snow plows, shovels, and ice melt products as needed. However, ice melt products should be used sparingly to avoid damaging the surface. If possible, opt for environmentally friendly deicing agents and monitor for damage. 

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