The Fascinating History of Parking Lots

Empty parking lot with one only one white car taking up a parking lot space.

Empty parking lot with one only one white car taking up a parking lot space.

Parking lots are a part of our everyday life, yet, it seems as if most drivers overlook the importance of these spaces. Without parking lots, finding a space for your car to sit would become a frenzy and fights would be breaking out left and right on the roads. So where exactly do parking lots come from, you might ask. Allow us to take you back in time to analyze the origins of parking lots and their contribution to our lives. 

Early Parking and Transportation in the 1400s

The first known and recorded transport began in the 1400s where roads were inundated with horses and stagecoaches. The more that people began to utilize different forms of transportation, the demand for parking lots became prevalent. Horses were parked by tying them to posts, which were lined up, similar to our modern-day parking lots where we also have our cars lined up. This type of parking was utilized until the late 1800s, which was when automobiles came into the picture. As much as the manufacturing pace of cars was slow, it was bound to lead to a gradual boom in consumers, thus, parking spaces. 

The Rise of Parking in the Late 1800s to the Early 1900s

With credit to Henry Ford’s 1908 invention of the assembly line, cars became much more common. With time, there was a greater number of people who owned cars, so parking became a rather large necessity. The cars were so large in size that the only parking lots made possible were if they were organized diagonally. Diagonal parking lots were rather organized and clean, although there were still improvements to be made. These specific parking lots were huge by today’s standards and the size of the spaces was just as great. 

The Modern-Day Parking Lot

Aside from the forgetfulness of where you may have parked your car, smaller and more compact parking lots have allowed for businesses and commercial properties to make their services available to larger audiences. Parking lots are not only limited to a diagonal organization. Some modern-day parking lots are rather standards and are aligned to lead straight into a commercial property. Parallel parking has become rather common as well and is a skill one must obtain in order to earn a driver’s license! Parking lots are essential for efficient and time-friendly travel and these simple spaces never fail to grow or innovate. 

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