The Art of Parking Lot Striping and How to Beautify Your Commercial Space

parking lot striping in El Paso Texas

parking lot striping

Parking lots are a fact of modern living. Going almost anywhere requires some planning for parking. We now don’t pay much attention to the regulated parking that rules our lives, but if you consider for a second a world without parking lots, there would suddenly be a lot of questions about where you would leave your car and for how long. If you’ve ever attended a concert or an outdoor even where the overflow parking is a dirt lot with no stripes, no regulated lanes, there is usually a lot of chaos and uncertainty.

Regulated parking began as a necessity for businesses. In the early 20th century when cars were just becoming more and more popular for the masses, downtown businesses noticed that there was a lot of congestion around their businesses. There were no marked parking lot spaces and any immediate space was occupied by employees that worked there. Soon the parking meter was invented as a solution. This wasn’t exactly received with glee, as people were unsure of how to feel about paying for parking.

As the ownership of vehicles increased, the need for more parking became apparent. Cities had to figure out how to solve this problem and soon the parking garage was born. This was a way to create more parking spaces without extending outward and using real estate that could be used for other commercial spaces or shops.

Parking lots are a result of the same reality of the many cars on our roads today. As urban sprawl began to happen and suburbs and shopping centers became commonplace, parking lots and government regulations about the minimum amount of parking spaces needed for stores required commercial buildings to have plenty of parking for their patrons.

How Your Commercial Exterior Affects Your Business

Store beautification is a term used for business owners and commercial property owners because it is an important part of a store’s presentation. In fact, many commercial spaces and shopping center lots today will have some trees or landscaping to enhance the parking lot even more.

Parking Lot Striping and Maintenance

One of the main ways businesses make sure their parking lots communicate the right message to potential customers is by making sure that the asphalt is well cared for, not cracked, and free of potholes or other types of damage. A damaged parking lot sends the wrong message to your patrons. At the same time, striping is a big part of store beautification. The striping serves two purposes. One is aesthetic and the other is functional. Without organized parking lot stripes or designated wheelchair access, drivers are likely to get confused and your lot is more prone to chaos, accidents, and damaged cars. You, of course, want to avoid all of this for legal reasons but also as a business owner.

Trust the Store Beautification Experts at Rick’s Paving

Rick’s Paving and Sealing has the industry’s best equipment and well-trained employees to ensure that your parking lot gets the attention it deserves. You don’t want people running from your store before they even enter. Welcome them with a beautiful parking lot and organized parking spaces that enhance their experience at your establishment.