The Parking Lot Paving Process in El Paso: A Step-by-Step Guide

parking lot striping in El Paso Texas

The installation of a new parking lot is not just an investment in time and money. Every step in the parking lot paving process is important because each step relies on previous steps for success. The process is rather intricate and crucial to familiarize yourself with. 

We provide a brief, but comprehensive guide that dives into every part of the process!

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The process starts by preparing and planning where the new pavement will be applied. A contractor will ensure that all necessary permits are in place and communicate with utility companies. This ensures that laws are respected and that a contractor can safely proceed with the next step. 

Removing Old Asphalt 

In order to make a new and solid surface, a contractor will remove existing asphalt (if any) all the way down to the subgrade layer. The old material needs to be removed to rid of cracks and blemishes and prevent them from forming in the new asphalt. 

The subgrade layer is inspected for flaws. If a contractor finds that the subgrade layer is weak, it will be milled out and replaced with new aggregate. 

Applying the Base Layer 

A new parking lot or pavement needs a durable sub-base layer. When a sub-base layer is applied, it is to be constantly monitored and analyzed by a contractor to ensure that it is compacted properly. It is also important to monitor the new layer to keep runoff or rainwater away from the material. 

Asphalt Pouring 

After the base layer, the asphalt itself can start pouring. Hot asphalt is mixed and brought by a truck to the site. The asphalt paving machine on the truck applies the asphalt after it is thoroughly mixed. This new layer of asphalt is also closely monitored as it is being poured for ease of installation and to analyze drainage slope. 

Compacting the New Lot 

Contractors proceed with the new asphalt by compacting the material with help from asphalt vibratory rollers and tools. These rollers range anywhere from 3 tons to 10 tons. 

Marking the Pavement 

Once paving is complete and the asphalt has dried, a contractor finalizes the process by adding markings to the new pavement. These markings are measured out and painted on shortly after. With new and bright markings on a new parking lot, your business will make a great first impression!

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