Quality Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Marking that Makes the Right Impression

Rick’s Paving and Sealing specializes in parking lot striping. This is an often overlooked aspect of a business or company’s parking lot. Worn out, uneven, or sloppy paint jobs on your asphalt will give the wrong impression of your business. Your lot has the potential to provide added visual appeal to your establishment. An ugly parking lot communicates that you are untrustworthy, messy, or unprofessional. When it comes to potential clients, tenants, or customers, you want your parking lot to look hospitable and welcoming. Keep your parking lot beautiful with Rick’s Paving!

It’s more than just aesthetics. Painting well-defined parking spaces and ADA compliant parking lot marks will maximize parking space, avoid confusion, disorder, or chaos on a busy day. It adds safety and security to your property. When people can clearly see important markings, spacing, arrows, or exit signs, traffic is likely to flow much more smoothly, avoid accidents or other liability issues.

At the same time, it will help to guide traffic and designate parking spaces for special vehicles, busses, etc. Professionally done markings will also designate crosswalks, loading areas, fire lanes, tow-away zones and help keep thing orderly.

The main benefits of a well-marked parking lot include:

  • Visual appeal
  • Traffic control
  • Safety
  • Security

Timeline of Parking Lot Striping

Because we have top-of-the-line equipment, we are able to perform the job quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality or doing a haphazard job. Many other local contractors lack the sophistication and precision of our tools and equipment. Rick’s Paving and Sealing has modern carts that allow us to apply the striping while driving instead of manually. Have your layout, crosswalks, and tow-away zones easily visible and marked.

Our Tools and Materials

Our airless machines and carts allow us incredible flexibility, precision, and sharp lines. The machines allow for consistency in the striping and error-free marking. We have six striping machines, two carts, and a highly-trained staff who is ready to get started on your lot. Depending on the square footage, we can stripe a large-sized parking lot in one or two nights. To ensure the best finish and long-lasting color, we use a trusted and reputable brand of paint, Sherwin-Williams.

Contact Your Lot Marking Specialists Today

Rick’s Paving and Sealing is here to serve El Paso commercial property owners and business owners. Need some parking spaces painted or re-painted on your commercial property? Give us a call at 915-204-4378 or stop by our office located on 14364 Rudi Kuefner Dr Horizon City, TX 79928.

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