Maintaining Safety in Commercial Parking Lots: Best Practices

An aerial view of a large parking lot with scattered cars in El Paso.

Whether you’re in charge of the parking lot for a church, school, or business, it’s important to protect and maintain it. However, it’s even more important to protect employees and visitors from potential parking lot hazards. From massive potholes and cracks to slippery surfaces after a storm, there are plenty of tripping and fall hazards to watch out for.

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Proper Maintenance

In addition to protecting your parking lot, parking lot maintenance also protects anyone walking or driving in the lot. Proper maintenance will minimize potholes and cracks, which are the two biggest tripping and sprained ankle hazards in a parking lot. Reach out for professional maintenance from commercial paving contractors in El Paso

Install Adequate Lighting 

Another thing that will help with tripping and sprained ankles is to have adequate lighting in your parking lot. Lights will also help your employees feel safer when they arrive at work early in the morning or late at night. You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be fewer, if any, fender benders in your parking lot as well. 

Security Cameras 

Along with parking lot lights, security cameras are the best way to help your employees feel safe and secure in your parking lot. Security cameras will also help you know if illegal things are happening on your property and allow you to stop them before they happen. 

Bollard Installation

If you have the issue of vehicles constantly driving where they shouldn’t, you should have bollards installed. Bollards are miniature pillars that prevent motorized vehicle access to certain areas. However, they still allow foot traffic and bicycles, making them better than gates sometimes. El Paso commercial paving contractors can assist with this.

Have Salt and Shovels at the Ready 

Although you rarely have to worry about snow and ice in El Paso, the area sees a ton of rain, which can make parking lots slippery. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have your snow shovels and salt at the ready so that you can take care of these hazards when they arise. 

Commercial Paving Contractors in El Paso

No matter how vigilant you are, your parking lot will still need repairs occasionally. A damaged parking lot is a hazard to all, so it’s important to make repairs in a timely manner. Call (915) 204-4378 for professional repairs from El Paso commercial paving contractors so that your parking lot damage doesn’t put others in jeopardy.