Maintain Your Parking Lot with These 5 Tips

We all remember the famous parking garage scene from Seinfeld. The crew goes to the mall in New Jersey to look for a new air conditioner and ends up going around in circles in the parking garage unable to find the car and then each other. In typical Seinfeld manner, a whole lot happens in what is potentially a common occurrence in American life. Jerry goes to answer nature’s call and gets apprehended by the parking lot security, Elaine fights for the lives of her fish, and Kramer struggles to carry the heavy AC through the many parking garage levels. Parking garages and parking lots are something we all deal with in the modern world. Storefronts and businesses need to have adequate parking and provide their customers with the proper facilities in order to demonstrate professionalism and responsibility. So how exactly do you maintain a parking lot and keep it looking beautiful?


Living in the Southwest means that we get a lot of sunshine and believe it or not this can take a toll on your parking lot. That’s why it’s very important to maintain and take precautions on your parking lot. Below are some maintenance tips:


  • Powerwash or sweep regularly. Depending on the size and the conditions of your parking lot, power washing or sweeping regularly will make a big difference. This will improve the surface appearance and keep it looking good. 
  • Deal with cracks immediately. Cracks happen. What’s important is that you seal them immediately or in a reasonable amount of time so they do not grow and create more damage. Also because they can create a hazard and cause someone to trip or get injured. 
  • Get rid of oil stains. With so much traffic going in and out of your parking lot, oil stains are also bound to happen. It’s imperative to deal with these, as oil can break down your pavement and cause damage. 
  • Seal it. It’s important to seal your parking lot every 2-3 years to keep the pavement strong and resistant. This improves the shelf life of your parking lot and keeps it from getting damaged so easily. 
  • Repaint. Keeping those lines looking bright and beautiful is more than just about aesthetics. It keeps the traffic on your lot knowing where to go, where to park, and helps in keeping movement organized. 


Help It Last Longer with Rick’s Paving and Sealing


Your parking lot is the first impression customers get of your business. Walking into an establishment that has dirty, faded, and broken parking lot sets a tone that you don’t want associated with your business. Keep things move and working with regular maintenance. Rick’s Paving and Sealing can help paint and seal your parking lot to keep it beautiful!