How Freezing Weather Can Affect Parking Lots

Asphalt repair in front of restaurant

With the sudden freezing temperatures that El Paso and the rest of Texas recently experienced, how has it affected your lot? Here in El Paso, we have very dry weather, no matter if it’s hot or cold outside. With low to no humidity in our area and with the sudden freeze we experienced, there’s a lot going on with how the ground reacts to such conditions. Since we’re not exactly prepared to handle snow in our area, many businesses faced problems they never imagined before. Here are some of the main concerns and some preparation ideas for when this may happen again. 

Understanding How The Ground Freezes and Thaws 

Once water freezes, it begins to expand. This outcome isn’t very optimal for any driveway, parking lot, or for our roads. When water expands on the ground, it begins to seep into any cracks and crumbs and expands them as well. This can cause the ground to break apart even more so and create potholes. When we have weather that creates snow and freezes the ground and bounces back and forth, this creates problems. If it warms up during the day and then drops back to freezing temperatures, the water underneath the asphalt can freeze and expand up to 10% more. This cycle can repeat itself depending on how the weather continues to change. 

Also, take into consideration the snow and water that gets beneath the subbase of your pavement and begin compromising the pavement’s structural integrity. Keeping up with lot maintenance and repairs can avoid this problem in our region. 

How To Avoid Problems In Your Lot Before Freezing Temperatures Hit 

There are a few things you can do to prevent your asphalt from becoming damaged during these times. 

First, your drainage system is essential. Although our region doesn’t receive very much wet weather in general, how the water drains can make or break your asphalt. Ensuring that a slope has been crafted for water to move down through is crucial. 

Second, keep up with your lot maintenance. Having crack sealing performed at a minimum every two years can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Sealing these cracks can prevent everything we mentioned above. 

Rick’s Paving Can Help

If your lot has shown any damage from our recent freeze, give us a call. We can inspect and help fix potholes, cracks, and more with our services. We can also schedule maintenance and repairs to make sure your lot is good to go every year.