How Bad Asphalt Can Hurt Customers and Business

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No matter where you live, you’ve probably experienced a bad road or two. Cracks, potholes, stains, and crumbling edges can make a commute feel like riding through a warzone. A few rides on a bad road, and you’ll quickly start thinking of a new way to reach your destination. A bad parking lot can have many of the same effects, and can ultimately hurt your customers, and your business. 

Appearance Is Everything

When you arrive at a place of business, what’s the first thing you notice? Most of the time, it’s probably their parking lot. After all, before you can even enter the business, you have to park your car. Noticing cracks and potholes you have to dodge can sour your mood before you even get out of the car, and give you an impression of the business itself. Always make sure your business has a well-maintained, accessible parking lot so customers aren’t frustrated before they walk in. A well-kept parking lot reflects on your business, much like how a nice lawn compliments a house. 

Faded Lines Cause Confusion

Faded parking lot lines can be a customer’s worst nightmare. Studies show that it can take customers several minutes to find an adequate parking space, and faded lines will only exacerbate that problem. Faded lines make customers strain to see the boundaries, and they may just decide to park in any orientation. This reduces the efficiency of your parking lot, since there may be less space for cars. 

Drainage Problems Deteriorate Your Asphalt

El Paso isn’t known for its rain records; we usually see 10 inches of rain on average per year, when the national average is nearly three times that. Even so, sitting water can erode your asphalt and lead to crumbling. A parking lot with drainage in mind is a happy parking lot, and one that will last much longer. 

Regular Maintenance Helping Your Bottom Line

Whether you have drainage issues, potholes, or fading lines, Rick’s Paving and Sealing can keep your parking lot looking nice year-round. Your first impression is almost always your parking lot—make sure it’s a good one by contacting us today!