Common Signs of Parking Lot Asphalt Damage and How to Address Them

A break in asphalt in an El Paso parking lot.

If you’re in charge of managing the parking lot for an El Paso church, school, business, or another entity, you’ve got your hands full! Asphalt parking lots are extremely durable and low-maintenance, but they’re not invincible. As such, it’s important to know how to spot signs of damage and how to make the appropriate parking lot asphalt repair when necessary.

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Potholes are one of the most common signs and causes of asphalt problems. Potholes stem from excess weight on the surface of your concrete or from damage due to the elements. If you notice potholes, you should repair them immediately by filling them in with paving materials. If the damage is too extensive, however, you may need to replace the pavement altogether. 


Along with potholes, cracks are another leading cause and sign that you need parking lot asphalt repair in El Paso. If you notice cracks, filling them quickly is important so they don’t spread further than they already have. As with potholes, if the cracks spread too far, you may need to replace the pavement altogether. 

Stains and Fading 

Whether it’s because of chemical spills, the elements, or natural wear and tear, staining and fading are natural hazards with pavement. Regardless of why your parking lot is stained or fading, it’s important to take corrective action. The best way to fix these problems is by seal coating the asphalt every year or every other year with professional El Paso parking lot asphalt repair services.

Pooling Water 

When your parking lot is in pristine condition, it should be perfectly flat and level. Therefore, if you notice puddles and pooling water everywhere, it’s a sign that something is wrong. In most cases, portions of the parking lot have become slightly depressed due to excessive weight or shifting grounds. Pooling water is dangerous because it’s often a precursor to potholes, so fixing the problem quickly is important. 

Disintegrating Edges 

Finally, disintegrating edges are another common sign that you need parking lot asphalt repair services. Ideally, parking lot perimeters aren’t supposed to disintegrate. If they do, it’s a sign that it’s too thin around the edges due to improper installation. To fix this problem, you’ll need to remove and redo the asphalt around the perimeter. 

Parking Lot Asphalt Repair in El Paso

If spotting and making these repairs seems like a tall order, Rick’s Paving and Sealing is here to help. From seal coating and repairs to full-on replacements, we’re the parking lot asphalt repair specialists for El Paso and the surrounding area. Call (915) 204-4378 to learn more.