Asphalt Recycling: Everything You Need to Know About How the Process Works

Asphalt recycling has become a popular method of manufacturing and distributing paving materials. In fact, the National Asphalt Pavement Association reported that asphalt materials are amongst the United States’ most recycled products. With the many benefits of the recycling process, it’s no wonder why asphalt is reused so much! The process of asphalt is relatively simple. Learn more about how the process works and how it benefits companies across the country. 

The Process of Asphalt Recycling

There are many methods of recycling asphalt, including both hot and cold methods of recycling. A standard method is called full-depth recycling (FDR). This process is designed to enable worn-out pavements to be reconstructed using existing materials. The typical approach is broken up into a few steps. 

  1. Chunks of asphalt are mixed in a recycling machine with water and additives. 
  2. The mixture is tumbled and heated for about twenty minutes before it is ready for use. In cold recycling, the method avoids using heat to save energy and costs during the process.
  3. Fine mineral properties that are made in the process of producing asphalt are also reused and are generated to help conserve natural resources. 

When asphalt is removed from its base, the cement (which holds the pavement together) is recycled as well as its adhesive abilities can be put to use as a binding agent for new and reused materials. 

Asphalt Recycling Benefits 

The process of asphalt recycling is shown to have provided several benefits. One of the benefits drawn from this type of recycling is that it provides a profit or savings of $30 to $80 per ton. 

One of the main benefits of asphalt recycling is that it has a rather positive impact on the environment. The process makes it possible to restore all existing asphalt surfaces, including parking lots, driveways, and even roofing shingles, without having to generate any waste. 

Additionally, recycled asphalt materials are typically more durable and likely to last longer than their original properties. Recycling plants can turn old asphalt into a new material that is more flexible and easier to apply. 

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