All About Sealcoating: What You Should Know For Your Lot

Workers applying blacktop sealer to asphalt street using a spray to provide a protective coat against the elements

Workers applying blacktop sealer to asphalt street using a spray to provide a protective coat against the elements

Sealcoating is one of the most beneficial products you can have applied to your lot. It’s an extra investment in the longevity and beauty of your lot, and we encourage most clients to use sealcoating. Over the years, it’s become somewhat of a specialty of ours, and we love the reviews we get from our customers after they’ve seen the benefits of the coating. 

But what is it? Is it toxic? Is it really expensive? 

In this article, we’ll quickly answer all the questions you may have about sealcoating and how it can be beneficial for your parking lot or driveway. 

Sealcoating: Extra Protection For Your Lot

Even the best made lots are susceptible to the elements, like rain, oil, U.V rays, chemicals, and general trash. That’s because the pavement is made of rock and gravel bound together using some binding agent, which can degrade over time depending on what it is exposed to. 

Anyone who’s seen an old, neglected parking lot will see the effects of this. The lot will look washed out, full of cracks and potholes that become a real hazard for anyone driving through the lot. 

Sealcoating is basically a protective layer that is applied to the pavement, protecting it from the elements so that the pavement underneath lasts much, much longer over time. How much longer? With regular coatings, the asphalt underneath can last more than twice as long as it would have without the coating, saving you thousands and thousands of dollars in the long run. 

How The Process Works

The sealcoating process is actually pretty simple and straightforward. The sealcoat material is a mixture of substances precisely designed to be the most durable and long-lasting for pavement and asphalt. We simply brush or spray a couple of coats on, and voila! Your parking lot or driveway has a dark, rich protective coating. 

To get the full effect (the more than doubling of your pavement’s lifespan), you’ll want to have it done once every 2-3 years. Just doing it once, while still beneficial, won’t give you the full effect you’re looking for. 

The material also has to be applied under certain conditions, i.e no rain, sufficient temperatures (50 degrees or above preferably) and definitely no cars on the lot for at least 24 hours after it’s been applied. 

Having no cars on until it is cured is absolutely crucial, so please let the material have time to set and seal. And noit’s not toxic. 

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