A Glimpse Into The Future Of Pavement

Extremely hgh-quality parking lot pavement in El Paso TX

Extremely hgh-quality parking lot pavement in El Paso TX

Asphalt and pavement make up the backbone of our transportation and our infrastructure. Unless you live in a very rural place, you’re likely surrounded by miles and miles of the stuff. 

Since we pay so little attention to the pavement beneath our feet, it’s easy to ignore the changes and future tech that aims to shake up the (literal) foundation of the world of pavement. 

In this brief article, we’ll discuss the ways in which pavement will likely change and adapt in the future. 

Sustainability In The Climate Change Era

Sustainability is a term that becomes more and more important as the climate threat looms. Those in the pavement industry are watching, and have come up with a few ways to pitch in. 

One such way is to simply use more waste material in the production of pavement. Often, crushed concrete fines are discarded, but now there are emergent techniques to put those materials to use. Other non-conventional materials like glass or steel slag may also be used in the future. 

Another angle to help with climate change would be to use more local materials. Some pavement manufacturers and applicators use pavement and pavement materials from far away, which uses excessive amounts of resources to source in. Cutting down on that could save emissions and energy use. 

Pores In Your Pavement

In many American cities, stormwater draining is a big problem. Big storms can clog water pipes, leading to main bursts or worse, stormwater being diverted into local rivers and lakes. 

The problem is that this water is often contaminated with oil and other substances that wash off the pavement, damaging the ecosystem in the process. The solution? Porous pavement. 

Porous pavement can act as a filter, separating some of the more harmful substances from the water it’s mixed with. Of course, it will take some perfecting. Durability, sustainability, and safety all have to be maximized before it goes mainstream. 

Sensors and Charging Stations

The street of the future may be tracking everything from the weight of your car to the weather and rainfall in the area. To support smart streets, the pavement may be equipped with sensors that help city planners track the condition of traffic, the weather, and the road itself. 

In addition, with the population making the slow switch to electric vehicles, the prospect of charging stations in the pavement is becoming more intriguing. Think of a charging pad for a phone, but for a whole car

Of course, charging pads for phones aren’t very efficient at transferring power, so it’s important to make these systems more efficient before we upscale them.

Rick’s Paving and Sealing Leads The Way!

While it’s uncertain how much of this tech will go mainstream, one thing is certain: Rick’s Paving will be on the bleeding edge of paving. Contact us today to get your pavement of the future today!