A Brief History Of Parking Lots

Parking Lot job completed

We think of lots as one of the most common pieces of land around. Any establishment, apartment complex, building, should have one, right? It’s bizarre going somewhere and not having a parking space. In fact, it’s incredibly inconvenient when an establishment doesn’t have one. It’s also frustrating when you can’t find a single parking spot in a large lot. So, where did the idea come from? How did lots even begin? From lots to garages, the evolution of parking has taken some time.  

The Creation Of The Parking Lot 

As cars developed in the late 19th century, they were scarce across the world. America didn’t see moving vehicles until the early 20th century. Until 1900 traffic laws and regulations basically didn’t exist at all. Parking was the same at the time as well. During this time, lots had the name “Rank and Park.” To rank was their process of standing vehicles one behind the other. Basically, parallel parking with little space in between. The term “to rank” came from the term “cab rank,” which came from London when cabs were placed as taxi stands. To park was to stand vehicles parallel to one another at an angle by the curb. This term came from when they would place cannon carriages parallel to one another. 

Early parking led to cars becoming abandoned and became a huge issue for cities. Messy parking and was termed “dead” vehicles led to creating laws. This put a time stamp on how long someone can park their car in a spot. 

The First Lots 

It’s almost no surprise that one of the first lots was made for shopping centers. In 1923, the J.C. Nichols Company constructed two lots that help 150 cars in Kansas City, Missouri. This was a radical difference in parking at the time. The start of lots helped clear vehicles off random spots in the road and avoided many accidents thereafter. 

Rick’s Paving Made For Parking 

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