6 Signs You Need Asphalt Repair

A pothole in a parking lot with an orange caution cone in front of it in El Paso.

If you have a parking lot at your El Paso business, it is most likely made of asphalt. While asphalt is highly durable and resistant to damage, it will still need to be repaired occasionally. Therefore, for the longevity of your asphalt and the safety of those driving their cars on top of it, it’s important to know warning signs that indicate you need parking lot asphalt repair

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Cracks, Cracks, Cracks 

Cracks are the number one warning sign that you must invest in parking lot asphalt repair. Cracking is a sign that your asphalt can’t hold up to the pressure or elements it is subjected to. In most cases, cracking starts five years after the initial installation. 

While not all cracks require immediate repair, they will only worsen with time. Unless you want to redo your asphalt completely, you should repair these cracks before they grow deeper, wider, and longer. 

Improper Drainage 

Another surefire sign that you need parking lot asphalt repair is if you notice drainage issues. Drainage issues often stem from improper installation and are most common in parking lots and other vast areas of asphalt. Improper drainage will lead to puddles and pools of water, which can then lead to potholes and cracks. While it may be possible to remedy the drainage issue after the fact, most drainage issues require extensive repairs. 

Stains and Faded Color 

If you notice that your asphalt is starting to fade in color or grow lighter, UV radiation has started to take its toll. While asphalt is more resistant to the sun than most paving materials, it’s not immune to the effects of UV radiation. The fading color indicates that your asphalt is getting older and less durable. While faded color isn’t cause for immediate repairs, they might be right around the corner. 

Additionally, stains due to chemical spills and automotive fluids could also mean that repairs are right around the corner. Stains will often weaken the affected section of asphalt, which could lead to cracks, potholes, and other issues. 

Buckling or Warps in the Asphalt 

Another sign that your asphalt might need repairs sooner rather than later is if you notice buckling or warping along the surface. Buckling and warping, while never a good thing, isn’t always a serious problem. It all depends on whether the damage is merely superficial or if there’s a deeper problem. Warping related to surface issues can be easily remedied, while warping due to an inadequate base is a much more serious problem. 

Contact us at Rick’s Paving if you recently noticed warping in your asphalt parking lot and want to know the extent of the damage. 

Crumbling Perimeter 

In many cases, asphalt will start deteriorating along the edges before it gives out in the middle. This happens because the perimeter of your asphalt is more prone to damage from the elements than other parts of your asphalt. If you start noticing crumbling around the perimeter of your asphalt, it’s important to make repairs before the problem spreads. 

Sinkage and Potholes 

Finally, the most obvious sign that you need parking lot asphalt repairs is if a pothole forms in your asphalt. Potholes, which can result from sinkage, happen either because of massive surface deterioration or problems with the asphalt base. Either way, potholes need to get repaired promptly so they don’t get bigger. 

If you notice any of these signs of asphalt damage, Rick’s Paving is here to help. We’re one of the top paving companies and can get to the root of your asphalt problems. We can then make essential parking lot asphalt repairs and get your lot functioning and looking as good as new. Contact us online or call (915) 204-4378 to learn more about our services!