5 Important Things to Look Out for In Parking Lot Maintenance  

Your parking lot is just as important as your commercial building. Being responsible for a property means being able to take care of it inside and out. Parking lots can stay fresh and in good condition for only so long. A couple of years can pass and you’ll start to see some wear and tear in your parking lot. This is normal and it happens everywhere, but at some point, you will have to get proper maintenance done. Getting maintenance done cleans up the overall curb appeal of your property and poses fewer risks for customers. So what exactly should you look out for in your parking lot? What kinds of damage require repairs? We discuss them. 


While cracks may seem too small and harmless for any maintenance, they can lead to more damage if they aren’t taken care of right away. Cracks are the leading culprit of asphalt degradation and failure. Potholes start out as cracks, as well. This can easily drive customers away if you’re not careful enough. Getting cracks repaired should be a priority for your parking lot. 

Broken Asphalt

Sure, broken asphalt can easily be repaired by filling cracks and seal coating, but when the damage grows, you will need to take more action. The best thing to do for your parking lot is an asphalt overlay once the asphalt has been degraded. Adding a layer or two is completely fine, but once your asphalt nears the end of its life, it is best to do a complete removal and replacement. 

Faded Striping 

With the heavy activity of cars coming in and out of your parking lot, striping can fade and become marked by tires. Striping is essential for controlling the flow of traffic. Without being able to see striping, parking lots can become disorganized. If your parking lot’s striping is fading, you can get them touched up. 

ADA Compliance Issues

Just like striping, if customers cannot see or find handicap parking, this can wreak legal havoc on your business. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires regulations that must be met by businesses to make sure they are accessible for people with disabilities. Not only should you have accessible parking for those with disabilities, but your lot should also feature access ramps. 

Chipped Concrete 

Asphalt isn’t the only material that goes into parking lot construction and maintenance. If your concrete is chipped or broken, it can lead to accidents and overall, it can make your business look unprofessional and unkempt. To avoid these problems, concrete should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent it from worsening. 

Choose the Professionals at Rick’s Paving For All Your Repair and Maintenance Needs

If you prioritize your property and customers, you’ll get the appropriate maintenance done as soon as possible. Don’t let any damage worsen, contact us today to get started with our parking lot and paving services!