4 Benefits of Seal Coating Your Business Parking Lot In El Paso

Worker adding in a layer of seal coat on a business parking lot

As a business owner, there will come a time when you will have to consider seal coating for your parking lot. Seal coating, in its own ways, maintains your parking lot and can prevent damage. As busy as you may be, you should take the time to prioritize your parking lot. Doing so means you don’t have to worry about repairs or repaving your parking lot further down the future. From protection against heat to preventing cracks, there are many ways sealing your parking lot can benefit you. 

Protection Against Sun and Water Exposure 

Here in El Paso, you have to be careful with your parking lot when the summer heat comes. When exposed to the sun and heat, the components that keep asphalt together are susceptible to breaking down. Water exposure has the same effect. If water gets stuck in your parking lot and freezes, it will expand and break parts of the asphalt off. Seal coating works against these elements and adds extra protection. 

Prevents Cracks 

Cracks on your parking lot can happen for several reasons, besides sun and water exposure. Some factors include:

  • Improper application of asphalt 
  • Too thick or too thin aggregate materials 
  • Freezing temperatures 

Cracks are normal, but they take a toll on your business’s curb appeal. Seal coating your parking lot is designed to prevent cracks, keeping wear and tear to a minimum. 

Boosts Durability 

Asphalt is the best material to use when your parking lot is under construction. However, asphalt, just like other materials, can be damaged by severe weather conditions and exposure to oil and gasoline. Sealing your parking lot maintains the asphalt and works against these damages. With that being said, you should have your 

parking lot seal coated as soon as possible. 

Prolong’s the Life of Your Parking Lot

The asphalt in most parking lots is made to protect against many natural elements and scenarios, such as the severe weather conditions we discussed earlier. Although, sealing makes the surface smooth and provides a barrier against harmful elements. In turn, this makes your pavement much more durable. The best thing a seal coating offers is extending the life of your parking lot. With seal coating, your parking lot will last you years!

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