10 Fun Facts About Parking Lots

A freshly striped El Paso parking lot in the summer heat

So we all know what a parking lot is. There’s a good chance you have a vehicle in one right now. There’s so ubiquitous that people don’t think of them at all—but we do. We think parking lots are pretty fun, so we found a few facts that might make you think about parking differently. 

  1. The average car is parked 95 percent of the time.
  2. There are an estimated 660 million parking spots in parking lots in the U.S.
  3. The world’s largest parking lot is in Edmonton, Canada with a whopping 30,000 parking spots.
  4. Most of the biggest parking lots are in airports located in Seattle, Chicago, and Detroit. 
  5. The average parking space is 8-10 feet wide and 18-20 feet long. 
  6. Up to 68 percent of the land in cities is taken up by parking spaces. That’s a whole lot of parking!
  7. The average car wastes up to 17 hours a year driving around a parking lot looking for a spot.
  8. Trash left on a parking lot over time can damage it, and lead to cracks and deformities. 
  9. 20% of all vehicle collisions happen in a parking lot. 
  10. The most expensive parking spaces are found in New York, where a permanent space can be as much as a million dollars!

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