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4 Benefits of Seal Coating Your Business Parking Lot In El Paso

As a business owner, there will come a time when you will have to consider seal coating for your parking lot. Seal coating, in its own ways, maintains your parking lot and can prevent damage. As busy as you may be, you should take the time to prioritize your parking lot. Doing so means you [...]

Asphalt Recycling: Everything You Need to Know About How the Process Works

Asphalt recycling has become a popular method of manufacturing and distributing paving materials. In fact, the National Asphalt Pavement Association reported that asphalt materials are amongst the United States’ most recycled products. With the many benefits of the recycling process, it’s no wonder why asphalt is reused so much! The process of asphalt is relatively [...]

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Foundation and the Vital Aspect of Your Parking Lot

Your parking lot sets the first impression for your customers, clients, and staff. Somehow, a sleek, smooth, and clean parking lot will speak wonders about your business overall. It gives people comfort in the stable foundation, takes the worry of damaging their vehicle, provides clear direction, and avoids accidents. Everything comes down to how well [...]

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Ways to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Black Friday

Every business should provide enough parking to fit the needs of its customers. A well-designed parking lot improves the curb appeal of the establishment. It also implies that there is a smart management and customer service system. Think of creating a good parking space as branding; it’s important to gain your customers’ confidence if you [...]

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ADA Compliance Parking Lot Spaces

Every parking lot has rules and regulations. Every business must follow specific guidelines to better serve the general public and not any discriminate against customers. ADA compliance has very specific guidelines that every parking lot must follow, no matter what the size or type of parking lot you may own. The types of line stripes [...]

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How Potholes Form and The Damage They Can Cause 

As of recently, El Paso has been breaking records with the amount of rain the city has been receiving. El Pasoans do not typically expect this much rain because, after all, we are the Sun City. The rain has definitely helped keep the temperatures down, but at the end of the day, El Paso roads [...]

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What Summer Means For Your Asphalt Parking Lot

  The summer heat is upon us, and it’s not going anywhere for quite a while. This can have a lot of pros and cons to your lot, but luckily not too many cons. Like most of the southwest, our summers get very dry and very, very hot. El Paso has seen some of its [...]

The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping in El Paso

As more and more people are finally getting vaccinated, that elusive sense of “normalcy” is slowly rearing its head after more than a year. Perhaps your location has already begun to show signs of life, maybe you’ve had a steady stream of customers for the past few months. No matter what the case may be, [...]

How Freezing Weather Can Affect Parking Lots

With the sudden freezing temperatures that El Paso and the rest of Texas recently experienced, how has it affected your lot? Here in El Paso, we have very dry weather, no matter if it’s hot or cold outside. With low to no humidity in our area and with the sudden freeze we experienced, there’s a [...]

A Brief History Of Parking Lots

We think of lots as one of the most common pieces of land around. Any establishment, apartment complex, building, should have one, right? It’s bizarre going somewhere and not having a parking space. In fact, it’s incredibly inconvenient when an establishment doesn’t have one. It’s also frustrating when you can’t find a single parking spot [...]

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